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. By your leave: about myself .

Born 1961 in Biel/Bienne.
Masters degree (German, Spanish and comparative romance-language linguistics).
Secondary School Teaching Certificate (Höheres Lehramt / German and Spanish).
Studied at the universities of Basel and Bern in Switzerland and Salamanca in Spain.
Lives still (again) in the bilingual city of Biel/Bienne.
Winner of various literature prizes.
Extended stays in Spain and the United States (New York City).
President of the Literary Society of Biel.

Sometimes dream about Don Texto de la Mancha.
Collect mushrooms, feathers and pine cones.
Am writing a book («Flaschenpost aus Edisto»).
Have a dog named Neruda.
Am a 13-point cook.
Used to play guitar, and knew all Bob Dylan's songs by heart.
Above all Amarone.
Sundays in the Jura.
Interested in technical terms like «instinctive drift» or «Chronoklast».
A propos the guitar: prefer light strings.
Keep a bird house in winter.
Would love to fly (but am afraid of heights).
Would love to know more about Buddhism, butterflies and
local Indonesian cuisine.